About the author

Hi there!  My name is Zandra and this is my creative writing blog.  I hope you find something you like here, and I also hope you won’t be afraid to critique my work — I’m always looking for the opportunity to hone my craft.

Writing has always been my passion.  Unfortunately, it’s difficult to break into the writing business and make it a full-time career, so for me, it suffices as a hobby for now.  I have self-published two titles, which are currently available on Amazon, and contribute to Blasting News (opinion-based articles) and Hubpages (informative articles).  By no means would I consider myself a successful writer, but success, of course, is quite a subjective word — from the eyes of Stephen King, I am unsuccessful, but in the eyes of this small-town woman living in poverty, I consider it pretty successful to have my work posted for sale on Amazon.  And, even though it’s far from enough to sustain my husband and I, I do see a pretty regular inflow of royalties from their sales.

You may see a collection of scenes published — this form of writing is a particular favorite of mine, as they are very short pieces intended to literally paint a simple scene for you, the reader.  They are the equivalents of a visual artist’s painting and rarely have plots, if ever.  Instead, they’re written to evoke a certain type of emotion or response, and to bring to your mind a particular scene.  I especially hope you will provide feedback on these pieces.

When I’m not writing on here, I’m either working from home for Amazon, making videos for my ASMR or vlog channels, or spending time with my husband and our two cats, Maynard and Molly.

Please feel free to send me questions/comments/feedback.  I’ll respond to each one as quickly as I can.